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Recruitment Funding Solutions (or RFS, as it’s easier to say!) is a specialist funding company that provides financing for recruitment businesses.

With many years’ experience working specifically in the recruitment sector our team fully understand the importance of an efficient back office to the smooth running of your business.

RFS can look after those time-consuming, monotonous but necessary tasks allowing you to do what you do best; building relationships with new and existing clients and recruiting high quality candidates for placement.

  • 100% Risk Free Invoice funding – A complete risk free funding solution. Simple and convenient access to flexible funding for your weekly candidate payroll bill.
  • Invoicing & Payroll – Full invoicing service to your clients. Accurate and on time payroll ensuring your candidates are always paid efficiently and compliantly.
  • Credit Control – Effective and friendly credit control ensuring that we collect your invoices without jeopardising your relationships.
  • Extensive Management Reporting – Providing you with all relevant weekly reporting enabling you to regularly measure the performance of your business.
  • Bad debt protection – Full protection against debt within agreed credit terms.
  • Many years of recruitment specific experience and expertise – Ensuring that, unlike a high-street bank, we can navigate you through the ever-changing minefield that is modern day recruitment legislation.
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