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Whether you’re just starting out and need investment and startup support, or need dedicated recruitment funding and payroll services, the Recruit Ready collective is here to help.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of startup agencies and helped get them ready to trade, through our investment and funding propositions. It’s a proven approach that’s efficient and effective.

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For experienced recruiters, startups and experienced agencies, our proven investment model offers 100% up-front funding and extensive support.


For independent agencies of all sizes, sectors and stage of maturity, our funding products are specifically designed for recruitment companies.


Specialist, fully compliant contractor payroll via CIS, PAYE and Umbrella for recruitment agencies throughout the UK. FCSA accredited member.
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Recruitment investment

Using our proven investment model, we’ll provide all of the support and up-front funding you need to launch your own recruitment agency, or help you scale your existing recruitment company. 

What we offer

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Recruitment funding

Whether you’re a startup or an established agency, we have a recruitment funding model that can support you. 

What we offer

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Recruitment payroll

We offer fully compliant CIS, PAYE and Umbrella payroll services across the full spectrum of recruitment sectors. 

FCSA CIS accredited member
FCSA Umbrella accredited member

What we offer

Our Recruit Ready services support all types of recruitment companies.

From startups to established agencies, we work with a wide range of recruitment professionals and their agencies. 

Partnering with one of the Recruit Ready companies means you’re engaging with a recruitment specialist business. 

It means we understand the challenges that recruiters face and can offer specialist advice, extensive support, and access to finance, technology, exclusive networks and so much more.

What agencies we work with have to say



Sam - Regional recruitment company

With investment from Bluestones I was able to launch my own agency, build a brand, and grow it rapidly as all the support and investment was provided up-front. I now have a team of ten and have firmly established my recruitment brand in our local area.


Nathan - Early stage startup

As a startup, it was great to have the transparent pricing model to work with, and know there were no hidden charges coming our way.


Emma - IT recruitment company

Outsourcing our payroll to a payroll provider like QPS means we can trust we're operating compliantly and that our workers are going to be paid accurately and on-time.


Jackie - Multi-branch recruiter

Receiving 100% margin funding and knowing our HMRC commitments are taken care of, means we can focus on our growth plans and expanding our recruitment business.

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We're often asked these...

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Both our investment and funding options are available for startups. Some recruiters prefer the low-risk, 100% funded route through our investment services (via Bluestones Group) whereas other recruiters prefer the independent funding route through our dedicated recruitment funding provider, Recruitment Funding Solutions. The option you choose will be down to individual preference and circumstances.

Yes. Our funding provider, Recruitment Funding Solutions offers a range of funding products for established agencies, including fully protected funding. The investment provision from Bluestones Group is also available for established agencies to help them scale their business, expand at pace, and realise value through equity events.

Our fees vary depending on which service(s) you take from us. We’d need to understand more about what you’re looking for in order for us to give you a meaningful explanation of charges and fees. What you can be assured of, however, is that we’ll always be 100% transparent with our pricing and you will never be faced with unexpected charges or hidden fees. 

The services are similar, but the crucial difference comes down to ownership. With the investment route, in return for 100% of the funding and granting of equity, you’ll be joining the Bluestones Group’s portfolio of recruitment companies. With the funding route via Recruitment Funding Solutions, you’re accessing funding in relation to your invoice value and remain a fully independent company.